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MirrOlure 101: Understanding your MirrOlure.

Jack Daughtry
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MirrOlure 101: Understanding your MirrOlure.
With the onset of Spring and the ever rising water temperatures Maryland and Virginia anglers will no doubt turn their attention to inshore fishing in the back bays, inlets and tributaries in and around the Chesapeake Bay.  One of my favorite lures is the MirrOlure. Here is a little history about MirrOlure before we begin. MirrOlure has been around since 1937. It is said that it was invented during the Great Depression when Harold LeMaster stumbled over the Idea for the MirrOlure. LeMaster tripped over a fallen Walnut tree on his way home and took a good section of the tree with him to whittle the first version of the MirrOlure. MirrOlure is now made by L & S Bait Company. MirrOlures are partially assembled in Costa Rica, Designed, Molded, Packaged and Tank Tested in the USA. 

                                                    Interstate Kayak Fishing Member Matt with a nice Maryland Speck

Understanding the mystery of the MirrOlure:
With only 1,109,700 colors, shapes, sizes and weights the MirrOlure can overwhelm even the seasoned inshore angler. It is almost like reading binary or speaking another language when figuring out if the S52MR808 would be more effective in a given situation than a S20MRCHBL. MirrOlures come in 3 main types, sinking, suspending and floating.

4M, 32M,51MR,52M,52MR,65M,77M,TT,TTR,S38MR,S51MR,S52MR,STTR
20MR, 22MR, S20MR, S22MR, 14MR, 17MR, 18MR,27MR,9MR, 19MR
5M, 7M, S7MR, S28MR, 10MR, 16MR, 26MR, S84MR, 74MR, 75MR, 83MR, 84MR, 94MR, 95MR

Now that you are trying to read a binary lets separate the 1’s from the 0’s. I’ll begin with one of my personal favorites the suspending catch 5 in Mardi Gras Color, or the S25MRMG. The “S” means that this MirrOlure is part of MirrOlure’s series III collection (broken glass flash foil). 25M is the model number. The “R” means that this MirrOlure rattles and finally the MG represents the color; in this case Mardi Gras.
MirrOlure now makes Classics, Series III, Lumo and Spotted twitchbait models.  Any MirrOlure that starts with a “S” is part of the Series III collection (My personal favorite). Any MirrOlure that has a “TT” is a spotted model or Tiny Trout. MirrOlure gets really tricky with their STTR version which since reading this you know is a Spotted Tiny Trout with Rattle! If your MirrOlure has no letters in front of the numbers than it is either a Lumo or a Classic MirrOlure.

Below is a selection of MirrOlure's Color selections with the corresponding color codes.

So what is the difference? If you have ever dabbled in the backwards world of hunting the Gator Speckled Trout you will already know the answer to this question. Trout are picky fish
and Gators are Big lazy picky eaters. On any given day you may have to try 4 to 5 different presentations and 20 different colors to find the one shade, shake and wiggle that will get the trout to bite. MirrOlure knows this and has provided ample choices in their line of twitchbaits.

Stay tuned for MirrOlure 202: 
Picking the right MirrOlure and How it works.

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